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Business start up - introductory course

New in Sweden and thinking about a new Business Start Up?

An introductory Business Start Up course designed for you who are new to Sweden. It is a preparatory entrepreneurship course where we will be using the Entreprenerdy platform. The course is conducted digitally. The education will be delivered in English.

Business start up

Course dates:

April 5 - May 10, Wednesdays




Digital. After registration you will get a invitaion link from the teacher

Internet connection, a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a built-in camera and microphone is required.

The course is free of charge and covers a total of six sessions. Each session is three hours long.

Lean Business Canvas

Lean Business Canvas (LBC) is a model for business development based on modern research in entrepreneurship. You get access to a state-of-the-art IT platform (Entrepreneurship) adapted for this particular model.


1. Introduction: The Swedish business model

2. Entrepreneurship and business management: Organisational and company structures, how to register a company etc.

3. Operative: business planning

4. Lean Business Canvas: Business modelling

5. Economy: Budget, accounting, profit and loss etc.

6. Business market, rules and support services: Marketing, Tax, VAT and company service charges etc.

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This education is part of Sustainable Regional Business Cooperation within the Gävleborg Region. The Business Start Up education is delivered by Folkuniversitetet in collaboration with the municipalities of Gävleborg Region and Älvkarleby.

The information you provide in the registration form is used to administer the activity, for example sending registration confirmation, invitation and evaluation as well as creating a list of participants. The information you provide in connection with your registration may be shared with Region Gävleborg, the business offices in Gävleborg and Älvkarleby municipality and Folkuniversitet.

Responsible for the processing of the personal data is the Municipal Board in Älvkarleby, kommun@alvkarleby.se, 026-830 00 (switchboard).
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